CORT Software






If you need help with your CORT Payroll or Human Resources software please contact us here at Nine Peaks Solutions. Nine Peaks’ staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to helping you manage your valuable HR & payroll information.

Over the years this software system has been referred to by many names.  Here are a few that have been used:

  • CORT Directions Payroll & Human Resources
  • CORT 32bit
  • Infinium Advantage
  • CORT Advantage
  • CORT Payroll & Human Resources
  • The CORT applications
  • CORT classic
  • NuView CORT Payroll

When you have the software installed on a machine, this is what the shortcut icons usually look like:

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NuView CORT Payroll is a product of Ignite Technologies, Inc.

Note:  Nine Peaks Solutions LLC is an independent technology and services organization and is not affiliated with Ignite Technologies, Inc.