People Spotlight – Justin Skidmore

Justin Skidmore | Nine Peaks Solutions Justin Skidmore is one of Nine Peaks’ first employees. He’s also the most elusive! Justin is behind the scenes organizing hundreds of pieces of information for our Laserfiche clients. What does that mean? When a client signs up with Nine Peaks to help them go paperless, Justin sorts through the myriad of hard copy and digital documents, images, and files to begin the organization. He applies metadata (like keywords), so our clients can easily find anything they need in their new Laserfiche system with a quick search. In case you’re not familiar with Laserfiche, it’s an Enterprise Content Management software system that organizes systems and files digitally. To do this job successfully, you must be focused and detailed oriented. Lucky for us, Justin is precisely that. Justin dodges the spotlight, but we did ask him a few questions recently to learn a little more about him!

What’s your dream job and why?

A video game tester. Their job is to figure out how to break the game in any way possible. Then the development team can work out the bugs.

What do you enjoy doing outside of Nine Peaks and video games?


Anything else?

Not sure if I enjoy it but I do it often…troubleshooting technology. I’m constantly troubleshooting our internet modem and the many computers in our home.

What’s your favorite movie?

The Pursuit of Happiness.
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