NPS Chats – Please Join Us!

So what is NPS Chats ….?

  • A casual discussion with your Nine Peaks support & services team
  • Part educational opportunity
  • Part open mic night at the local folk coffee shop
  • A way to avoid a call to tech support
  • Discussion in the round on topics in the Content Management, Human Resources, Payroll, and Information Technology areas
  • Hopefully some fun and a few laughs as a group

Your questions come first. Like:

  • Do you think it is possible to do….
  • I’ve got a storeroom of documents, where do I start?
  • Is it possible to do this in a forms process?
  • Can I have multiple reviewers and one approver to a document?
  • How can I tell what status all my processes are in?
  • What is the best way for me to produce this report on a regular basis?
  • Do you know how to load a table of data to SQL?
  • Anything on Laserfiche, Microsoft, SQL, Security, Networking, DocuSign, etc.,

If there aren’t any questions or discussion topics from the guests we’ll have items ready for the group. Some samples:

  • Setting your processes up for work from anywhere
  • Mapping out your processes
  • Manual capture of your first documents
  • Digital transformation for your organization
  • Getting the most from your Laserfiche Cloud installation
  • Searching the repository with Laserfiche template information
  • What HR and Payroll should talk about concerning security
  • Laserfiche tips and tricks
  • Designing your repository structure
  • Best practices in Laserfiche Security
  • Setting up your records management policies
  • 100 forms that organizations use
  • Ten processes all organizations need
  • Integration of your existing applications
Join Us live via this link!