We’ll Point You In The Right Direction

Hover over the compass below to find out how Nine Peaks Solutions can point you in the right direction — No matter which direction you want to take your organization.
Heading true North (staying with the CORT applications)
  • Improvement projects
    • G/L interfaces
    • Implementations — add new companies, departments, and / or employees
    • New reports
    • Assistance with Computational Definitions (compdefs)
    • Changes to checks & direct deposits advices
    • E mail direct deposit advices & W2s
    • Mail merges with employee facing documents
  • Assistance with balancing payrolls, quarters, & years
  • Training on the CORT software
  • Year-end assistance for balancing, W2s, & quarterlies
  • Documentation of existing Payroll procedures
  • Support for the existing applications
  • Implement best practices with CORT Payroll & HR
  • HRISViewer™ (an employee self service portal for CORT applications)
Heading East (assistance to define the organization’s future HCM direction)
  • Strategic consulting for HCM
    • Organization requirements & futures analysis
    • Change management for the Organization
    • Options budget preparation
    • Options evaluation
    • Executive management options presentation
    • Management & Staff project introduction
Heading South (leaving or have left CORT applications for a new HCM application)
  • Project management for the implementation project
  • Data conversions / migrations to a new HCM application
  • HRISReporter® (the history from your past CORT system in PDFs)
    • Document retrieval
      • Employee Information & History
      • Pay statements (pay stubs and direct deposit advices)
      • Payroll, Quarters, & Yearly payroll totals
      • W2s
      • Database attachments
      • Documents that you specify
  • HRISViewer (an employee self service portal for past documents)
    • Document retrieval
      • Pay statements
      • W2s
      • 1095c
      • Year End Benefit Statements
      • Documents that you specify
    • Information change (address, phone numbers, & email address) with HR or Payroll’s verification
Heading West (locate a new HCM application and make sure it fits your organization)
  • Organization requirements & futures analysis
  • Establish budget for HCM selection and implementation
  • HCM system selection
  • Change management for the Organization
  • Preparation for the implementation project
  • Assistance with your HCM Executive Steering Group
  • Assistance with your HCM implementation team and processes (most important part of the whole project)
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