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HRISReporter – Unlock your CORT® and NuView® Historical Data

We have something brewing and it may alleviate a lot of your headaches. HRISReporter is a reporting tool for former CORT and NuView Payroll and HR users. If you need to extract compliance and historical infomation from your old system, this is your answer! This tool, a proprietry software developed by Nine Peaks, will quickly retrieve payroll information and totals, employee pay statements, and HR/employment history with a click of a few buttons. Delivered in a format of your choice: PDF or Microsoft SQL Express database with prebuilt queries and reports. The best part…you don’t have to keep your full CORT and NuView systems up and running. We’ve put the final touches on the solution and looking to assist clients unlock their historical information. Would this be valuable to you? If so, click here and sign up for a free walkthrough of the product!

Nine Peaks Solutions | HRISReporter

HRISReporter Facts

Tool contains reporting on:

  • Database configurations
  • Payroll information & totals
  • Employee pay statements
  • Quarterly & Yearly Total Reports
  • HR info / employment history
  • Any attachments in the database

Past year’s W2 statements can be ran out of your existing database and included.

Output can be delivered in multiple ways:

  • PDF documents that are placed into a server folder structure at the client location
  • PDF documents delivered by a secure Laserfiche cloud solution (additional search/retrieval, security, and document retention, and document retention capabilities)
  • Microsoft SQL Express database with prebuilt SQL Server Reporting Services reports
  • A Microsoft SQL Express database with prebuilt data queries

HRISReporter Features

  • Avoid keeping the full CORT Payroll and HR system up and running
  • Reduced IT support
  • Eliminate Operating System & SQL software assurance fees
  • Eliminate software application maintenance fees
  • Quick to access information
  • No training on software necessary, if using the pdfs
  • Secure / limited access
  • Cloud-based or individual machine
  • No need to import pay history into a new system
  • Searchable, if using the Laserfiche® Cloud

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